We Can Drastically Improve Your Quality of Life

Dr. Marvin Lagstein, DMD has one of the top orthodontic offices in New York City. Dr. Lagstein has been practicing orthodontics for over 40 years and has been serving patients in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and throughout New York City. Dr. Lagstein and the rest of the friendly staff at Smile Specialists are dedicated to your total health and wellbeing. Dr Lagtein believes that everyone is entitled to a smile they can be proud of, He knows that better smiles mean more confidence which turns into better jobs, better relationships and better self esteem!! We service kids, teens and adults. We specialize in totally invisible nano braces, which are teeny, tiny braces that go BEHIND your teeth.

Orthodontics NYC care is your #1 source for braces in New York City.

What Our Customers Say

Honestly Dr.Marvin langstin and staff are incredible... The moment you walk through the door everyone is really friendly and makes you feel very welcomed, they are really helpful caring and always accessible. I have been wearing braces for 8 months now and I can honestly say it has been the best experience, my self esteem when it comes to my smile has skyrocketed, I noticed a change in my teeth in about a month so, with that being said you will notice the change pretty fast and so will others. I will definitely recommend anyone to this N.Y office because not only is the treatment high speed but the staff is incredible. I give this place 5 stars!!!!!
You have made one of my biggest dreams in life come true…now I can smile with confidence! I feel like I can tackle my problems and issues in life with great strength.