Beautiful Brooklyn Invisible Braces in NYC

Brooklyn is a heavily populated borough of New York City that would be the third most populated city in the country if it were considered a separate city. It is representative of the city of New York since it is a melting pot of many cultures and ethnicities.

Brooklyn has a large population of children under 18 since a third of the households have children under 18. More than 27% of the households also comprise of singles living alone. Many of these demographics are looking to improve their smiles for more than just aesthetics and require braces that complement their busy lifestyles.

Health Benefits

Misaligned teeth should be corrected not only to improve aesthetics and self-confidence but to prevent oral and other health problems over the long term. Misaligned teeth such as overbite under bite, cross bite, gap teeth, and over-crowding can lead to poor oral hygiene and health as well as cause other health problems.

Ease of Use

Whether you are looking for braces to correct teeth alignment in teens or for yourself there are multiple factors to consider such as ease of use, comfort factor, and number of dentist visits. Traditional metal braces are visible and can cause self consciousness in teens and adults, making them uncomfortable about wearing these braces. Moreover, the metal braces can cause ulcers and pain.

Additionally, these metal braces prevent you from eating apples, nuts, and other hard substances, make it difficult to maintain oral hygiene, and require frequent visits to the orthodontist. The other modern options are Invisalign and Incognito or “Nano Braces” that overcome some of these problems.


Invisalign braces are made of clear plastic and are invisible when worn. They are smoother and cause less oral discomfort. They also require less frequent visits to the orthodontist. These braces suit busy lifestyles since they can be removed for quicker and better brushing and flossing of teeth, helping to prevent discoloration and cavities. Also, the braces are removed before eating, helping you to continue eating your favorite foods.


The Incognito or nano braces are ideal for teens and others. They are not removable, ensuring that you will not forget to wear them. The better compliance will help align teeth faster. The small metal braces are placed behind teeth, ensuring that you will not be self-conscious about smiling even during the treatment. The smaller braces are easier to wear and as they are hidden from sight, adults at work or teens at school can go about their routine work without having to worry about their appearance.

Both Incognito and Invisalign braces are salient choices for teens and adults in Brooklyn as they are not visible during treatment and yet help ensure better teeth alignment. They are designed to suit modern lifestyles that are busy and include plenty of socializing. Whether your teen has a prom night coming or you have a wedding to attend, you can confidently attend the events without having to worry about unsightly braces marring your smile.

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