Dedicated Invisible Braces Services in Staten Island

Staten Island is the southernmost borough of New York City. It is the least populated of the five boroughs of New York City and is separated from the mainland by the New York Bay. The residents of Staten Island are predominantly non-Hispanic whites and a majority of them speak English as their primary language at home. Staten Island has many tourist attractions and witnesses a steady flow of tourists throughout the year. It is connected to the mainland by both ferry and bridge.

The Importance of Well-Aligned Teeth

While most people are aware that misaligned teeth detract from their appearance, not everyone is aware that well aligned teeth contribute to better health as well. Properly aligned teeth improve oral hygiene and digestion, making it imperative that conditions such as cross bite, overbite, under bite, and gap teeth are corrected as soon as possible.

While traditional metal braces can correct most of these problems effectively, they come with a few disadvantages. Many teens and adults are uncomfortable with the highly visible metal braces. Moreover, these braces can irritate the sensitive lining of the mouth and cause sores and ulcers.

Additionally, the braces are permanent, making it difficult for the wearers to brush and floss their teeth properly, leading to discoloration of teeth and formation of carries. In order to avoid damaging the braces, the patients are also asked to avoid eating apples, nuts, popcorn, hard crust bread and pizzas, and other foods. This can affect the social life of the patients. The patients also need to visit the orthodontist frequently, taking away time from their busy schedules.


One of the most effective ways to overcome all of these problems and yet get your teeth aligned is to ask for Invisalign braces in Staten Island. These braces are made of clear plastic, are smooth, and removable. As the braces are made of clear plastic, they are not very visible when you smile or talk, making it less obvious to people that you are undergoing an orthodontic procedure.

As the braces can be removed, patients can continue to eat their favorite foods and brush and floss their teeth properly and effectively, ensuring a better lifestyle and healthier teeth. These braces also require less frequent visits to the orthodontist, ensuring that you are free to pursue your other activities and have your life inhibited that much because of dental issues.


While the Invisalign braces are ideal for many patients, some people are not comfortable with them because they are likely to forget to put them back after eating or brushing their teeth. In such cases, patients can flip the switch for the Nano-braces that are permanently fixed to the back of the teeth by the orthodontist. These braces are made of metal and are small or tiny.

As they are placed at the back of the teeth, they are not visible when you talk or smile, while still working 24/7 to help align your teeth. Parents of teens are likely to appreciate these nano braces since they will not make their teen self-conscious while also overcoming the problem of the teen forgetting to wear these remarkable removable braces.

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