Happiness is a Well-adjusted Smile, Orthodontist Say

Dentist Working With Patient

A perfect smile can come from the professional work of an Orthodontist. Experience the invisible braces technology.

When Orthodontist in New York meet with patients about their teeth and smile the common question asked by the patients is “Can I really get straight teeth in 6 months?” And the most common answer we can give them is “Yes”! If you haven’t reviewed our before and after photos yet you will gain a confidence in what we say and do is possible. We are talking a total “smile transformation” and with invisible braces that go behind your teeth what better way to spend 6 months than having your teeth straightened without even realizing it.

At Orthodontics NYC, we make the process easy for you so we can do our best to remove gaps, overlaps, over bites and crooked teeth. That’s where the happiness comes in for you and for us. As your “smile specialists” we make it easy for you to build confidence and increase your self-esteem just by correcting your teeth and giving you a perfect, beautiful smile.

Something to Smile About

Did you know that our consultation process is free? Yes, we offer a free consultation so you know what needs to be done, plus answer any questions that you may have about the invisible braces process. Now that’s something to smile about, free consultation, a beautiful smile in “6 months or less” and a new confidence that you can gain from a well-adjusted smile.

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