Invisible Braces in Bronx for Straight & Tremendous Teeth

Bronx, the northernmost borough of New York City, is mostly on the mainland and has more inland space than the other boroughs of New York City. The population is heavily dominated by blacks or African Americans and Hispanics of all races. A significant proportion of the population was born abroad.

This racial diversity means that a large percentage of the population in Bronx speaks a language other than English at home. However, this ethnically diverse group socializes and works together.

The Critical Nature of Proper Teeth Alignment

Proper teeth alignment is more than an aesthetic necessity. Apart from improving self-confidence, properly aligned teeth improve oral health and general well-being as well. Many problems of misaligned teeth such as overbite, under bite, cross bite, gap teeth, and so on can be corrected using braces.

However, adults and teens are not very comfortable with metal braces as they are highly visible and make them self-conscious. Additionally, metal braces can cause ulcers, discoloration of the teeth and caries since they prevent proper brushing and flossing. Busy teens and adults also find it difficult to schedule the frequent dentist appointments.


Invisalign braces are a poignant choice for those who are not comfortable with the ideal of traditional metal braces. These braces are made of clear plastic and can be removed. They are smooth and do not hurt the inner linings of the mouth. As they are clear they are not very visible.

Moreover, they can be removed when eating, ensuring that you can continue to eat your favorite foods such as apples, nuts, hard crust pizzas, and popcorn. Moreover, as the braces can be removed when brushing and flossing, dental hygiene is maintained. Another wonderful advantage with these braces is the fact that they require less frequent visits to the orthodontist, making them convenient for people with busy schedules.


Another option for those who are uncomfortable with the ideal of visible metal braces to straighten their teeth is the Incognito brace or nano braces. These are small metal braces that are fixed to the back of the teeth. This means they are not visible when you talk or smile. On the other hand, they continue to be very effective in straightening the teeth since they cannot be removed by you.

This prevents problems that arise with busy patients forgetting to put on their braces after brushing their teeth or eating. These nano braces work 24/7 to help align the teeth and ensure that you soon have a set of well aligned teeth that you can proudly display at school, work, or social settings.

Whether you are an adult wanting to straighten misaligned teeth or a parent wanting to ensure that your teen complies with the braces prescribed by the orthodontist, life will be easier when the braces are not very visible and yet work to align the teeth. Invisalign and Nano-braces are available in the Bronx to help those with misaligned teeth get them straightened without compromising on their lifestyle, social activities, and ambitions.

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