As a “Smile Specialist” in New York City, we specialize in a form of dentistry known as Orthodontics. We focus on dental displacement which allows us to transform smiles while improving improper bites, overlapping teeth, twisted teeth, crowded teeth, open bites and gaps.

Our patients have taken the Six Month Straight Teeth Challenge and have undergone a complete smile make over. The dramatic life transformation of a smile can do wonderful things to a persons self-esteem, confidence and looks. Did you know that it’s never too late for our orthodontic services? Do you wish you could have had braces as a child? Or wish you would have warn your retainer or more importantly you wish you would not have taken your braces off so soon? Well, at the “Smile Specialist” we service the New York City area and we are confident in letting you know it’s never too late for a smile transformation. Setup a free consultation today!

A before and after profile of a Orthodontic NYC patient.