Will braces interfere with the playing of sports?

No. however, it is advisable for patients to protect their cheeks, lips, teeth, and gums by wearing a special orthodontic mouth guard when taking part in sports and games. Mouth guards are available at our orthodontic office in New York City and are comfortable, inexpensive, and come inRead More >

Will the braces hurt?

The process of placing bands and brackets on the teeth does not hurt. However, once the braces are placed and connected with archwires, the patient is likely to feel some soreness on the teeth for up to a week. This soreness can normally be reduced by taking commonRead More >

What are some of the indications that braces might be required?

The upper front teeth protrude significantly over the lower teeth, or are “bucked” (there is excess overjet) The upper front teeth cover most of the lower teeth vertically when taking a bite (deep bite) The upper front teeth are aligned inside or behind the lower front teeth (crossRead More >

Visit Your Orthodontist in NYC for Easy straightening of Teeth

Straight Teeth Challenge

Today, thousands of people in New York City (NYC) can thank Invisalign for giving them the confidence to smile comfortably and whenever they want and for however long they want as well. In the past, braces were considered to be a treatment for children, given the fact thatRead More >

Restore Your Dental Alignment and Your Self-esteem with Invisalign Braces

New study to show that straight teeth from braces builds self esteem.

It can be uncomfortable when you have to feel self-conscious about your smile. It is deemed normal for children to have braces, but in the case of adults, this can be frustrating and have a negative effect on your day-to-day life. If your work involves the continual contactRead More >