What’s the difference between Invisalign and Nano-Braces?

invisalgin and nano-braces

No matter what, it’s proven in today’s technology of orthodontics that a perfect smile stimulates success. How do we know? Well, we have watched thousands of patience in New York City take the “6 Month Challenge” and find happiness with a perfect smile. Through the free consultation processRead More >

Visit Your Orthodontist in NYC for Easy straightening of Teeth

Straight Teeth Challenge

Today, thousands of people in New York City (NYC) can thank Invisalign for giving them the confidence to smile comfortably and whenever they want and for however long they want as well. In the past, braces were considered to be a treatment for children, given the fact thatRead More >

Happiness is a Well-adjusted Smile, Orthodontist Say

Dentist Working With Patient

When Orthodontist in New York meet with patients about their teeth and smile the common question asked by the patients is “Can I really get straight teeth in 6 months?” And the most common answer we can give them is “Yes”! If you haven’t reviewed our before andRead More >